Seeking Investors

The HOTTEST new fast-casual restaurant concept that took the world by storm is now interested in re-launching the brand that turned the restaurant business upside down! We were talked about on Jay Leno, in the Huffington post, NY Daily News,  and numerous other media outlets around the world!

If you are an investor that fits the following criteria, we’d love to hear from you:

1. Have liquid $100,000+  to invest

2. Are interested in the hottest new restaurant concept to come along in 40 years

3. Aren’t afraid of TV news crews, or TV Cameras giving your brand millions in free advertising

4. Want to get in on the ground floor of a fast casual restaurant chain with massive franchise potential in a niche market

Then we would love to hear from you. We have an awesome sleek concept that will change the way fast casual restaurants are done!  (We also took lion off the menu for the re-launch)

Email us at tacofusiontampa  at   gmail  dot com.  Email us your business resume, liquid amount to invest, location, and someone will contact you with more details. Serious only, please.

Lion is off the menu

As of Monday 8/19/13 Lion meat is off the menu at Taco Fusion. This does not mean it won’t be back at some point, but for now we’d like people to focus on all the great stuff we are doing, like our General Tso’s burrito, our new and vastly improved Steak taco, and our slow tomato roasted chicken.

Our hours of operation starting the last week in august:

Tuesday- Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with delivery service starting 9/1/13.

We may offer extended weekend hours at some point in the near future.

Thanks again to everyone for all the free publicity and making Taco Fusion a household name! :)

Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue: A practical guide

People often reference “Big Cat Rescue” in their arguments against us, but consider your source has been mired in scandal and controversy since 1997: These links paint quite a telling picture…,,20127008,00.html

look at this claim: exposes BIG CAT RESCUE!

WTSP Channel 10 exposes big cat rescue!

Protective order against the owner of Big Cat Rescue by one of her terrified employees:

Furthermore, her husband has been missing without a trace since 1997. It seems odd that a millionaire would go missing and never touch any of his bank accounts. What happened to him?

For more information, these and many more questions and revealing documentation can be found at